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private art tutoring workshops boulder co

 Local Boulder Art lessons for 5-14 year olds

A Passion for Creativity

"Art shows us that the world is full of limitless possibilities, and that we are all powerful creators. My passion is nurturing a child's natural creativity, and empowering them to think creatively for life."

—Miss Natasha

A  new approach to learning

Learning technique is important, but at a young age, more so is the ability to think creatively, to express feelings, to play, and to explore different materials.

All children are different, and require different approaches. What makes Natasha's approach to learning different is her assessment of a child's unique needs and how she custom-tailors her class to each child. 

Art should be fun and playful, and creativity should be nurtured organically, in a relaxed and comfortable setting. It is in these conditions that children thrive and their imagination and creativity can run wild.

Children will have the opportunity to collaborate on pieces of art, as well as work independently. 

Private Art Lessons

Lessons In the comfort of your own home

Lessons are carried out in the comfort and privacy of Natasha's home or studio environment, where it's fine to make a mess! Sometimes it's difficult to leave the house, and so it's also possible to arrange classes in your own home. 

All materials are included in the price. Materials can often inspire children to create the art, and so a generous selection is on offer - from tissue paper, straws, and sequins to clay and tempura paint.

Example Lessons:

  • Working with air-dried clay 
  • Directed Painting and drawing
  • Intuitive painting and drawing
  • Collage
  • Make your own mandala 
  • Creating puppets and characters

Lesson duration: 1 hour

Cost per class: $50

Cost per class in your home: $60

"Jenny has transformed from being an angry troubled child, into a more peaceful and confident little girl. We feel these 1-1 sessions with Natasha have really helped her express herself and find peace with herself ."

-Mrs Park, Jenny's Mom


about natasha

Natasha is a professional creative, who has worked with children, as a teacher and as an artist since 2006. 

Natasha has worked with a wide range of children, all over the world; from pre-kindergarten level, through to middle school.

After receiving a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting in 2003; Natasha started working as an account manager at a multi-award-winning corporate entertainment agency. It was there that she first became inspired to herself work as an artist, with adults and with children  and holding her own creative workshops. 

After realizing her dream to travel, Natasha started exhibiting her paintings internationally, and has been teaching and leading creative workshops - collaborating with both children and adults in the U.K, The USA, Spain, Bosnia and South Korea.

Natasha has taught and been "artist in residence" at a variety of institutions, from private and state schools, to a vegan retreat centre and a Bosnian refugee camp.

It was after her experience of working as a fine arts teacher in South Korea, and being exposed to a very left-brained educational system, that Natasha became even more passionate about "unlocking the imagination, " and making art fun and accessible to everyone.

"Natasha demonstrates a solid background in her content area of art combined with the skillful array of effective strategies and successfully differentiates her instruction to reach all of her students."

— Davida Irving Ph.D, Academic Director, NACEL International School System, St Paul, Minnesota

"Every child who worked with Natasha has an enormous sense of pride in the mandalas they created together, and the canvases are now displayed across the school."

- Martin Fry - Headmaster Ravensthorpe Primary School, U.K.